Madrinas Coffee

Creative Direction, Logo Design, Package Design, Illustration, Graphic Design
About Madrinas
Madrinas is an innovative coffee company that sells all-natural coffee products primarily targeted to the esports and video game industry. They encourage people to make the switch from chemically charged energy drinks to all-natural #COFFEE4FUEL. The product lines include from Cold Brew Coffee, Green Coffee Fuelers, and Whole Bean Coffee.

When I first started with Madrinas, they were in need of a rebrand. It was an honor to lead a team full of passionate individuals in visually revitalizing the brand. We worked closely with Design Agency, Moxie Sozo to help kick-start and establish our package design, then ran with it to the finish line. This rebrand has seen massive support from the Madrinas Community and the Content Creators we work with. From a new logo, to new packaging, to a new website, the rebrand was an immensely fun project.
Logo Design
Package Design
Cold Brew Coffee Package Template
Green Coffee Fueler Package Template
Apple Cider Cold Brew
Irish Creme Cold Brew
BBXH Cobrand Cold Brew
TheStockGuy Cobrand Diamond Hands Dark Roast
Tropical Green Coffee Fueler
Raspberry Lemonade Green Coffee Fueler
Promotional Graphics
Black Friday Cold Brew Coffee Instagram Story
Black Friday Whole Bean Coffee Instagram Story
Cyber Monday Instagram Story
TheStockGuy 412 Twitter Post
TheStockGuy 412 Twitter Post
Sea of Thieves Cold Brew Launch
Sea of Thieves Cold Brew Giveaway
Sea of Thieves glow-in-the-dark Shaker
Classic Cold Brew Bundle Twitter Post
Classic Cold Brew Bundle Twitter Post
Classic Cold Brew Bundle Twitter Post