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Project Overview
Simplewear is a small business I started in my free time in December of 2019. It was started out of my love for the band Phish and the artistic atmosphere that embodies the jam band community. All of the designs I sell are inspired by songs or phrases referencing the band. It's been very rewarding hearing the feedback of fellow phans who love my work. I used Shopify to build my website and manage the business and a drop–shipping company to print and ship all my products. For marketing, I primarily use Instagram (_@simplewear_) and Facebook where I've grown a small following in a short period of time.

For someone who is not a Phish fan, most of the illustrations may not make sense. However, one theme you will notice is the use of the red donut. The drummer, Jon Fishman, wears a blue MuMu with red donut shapes patterned on it. The red donut is considered a secondary logo or reference to the band. (If you go to a show, you will see them everywhere.) This was something I wanted to incorporate in my designs but in unique ways that made the red donut intrinsic to the design. Below is a link to the website.
Song - Divided Sky
Event - Archival stream during COVID-19
Song - Halley's Comet
Song - Punch You In The Eye
Song - Walls Of The Cave
Inside Joke - Page (Keyboardist) loves sandwiches
Song - Lawn Boy
Song - 2001
Phrase - The Phish From Vermont
Song - Turtle In The Clouds
Song (Cover) - Crosseyed and Painless
Song - Destiny Unbound
Song/Album - Sigma Oasis
Song - I Saw It Again
Song - It's Ice
Song - Golgi Apparatus
Song - Harry Hood
Song - Contact